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Dubai Desert Safari: What You Need to Know? A Comprehensive Guide to Adventures, Packages, and Safety

Posted On: 07 October, 2023
Dubai Desert Safari

Understanding the Dubai Desert Safari

The Dubai desert is a vast expanse of golden dunes, undulating landscapes, and serene tranquility. It starkly contrasts with the bustling metropolis of Dubai, yet it is equally captivating.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate desert adventure with dune bashing in a 4x4, camel riding, henna painting, traditional clothing, and a delectable feast under the starry sky. Experience the thrill of dune bashing as skilled drivers navigate the dunes, offering breathtaking views of the vast desert landscape. Embrace Emirati culture with authentic activities and cuisine, savoring local and international dishes at a desert camp while enjoying belly dancing and fire shows. Under minimal light pollution, gaze at the mesmerizing stars or opt for overnight camping in comfortable tents amidst the desert's serene beauty.

Choosing the Right Dubai Tour Package

Factors to consider

  • Budget: Desert safari packages range in price from budget-friendly to luxury options. Consider your budget when making your decision.
  • Duration: Desert safari packages typically last for 4-6 hours, but there are also overnight options available. Choose a duration that fits your schedule and interests.
  • Activities: Desert safari packages typically include dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, and dinner. Some packages also include additional activities such as henna painting, belly dancing, and fire shows. Consider which activities are most important to you when choosing a package.

Package options:

There are many different desert safari packages available, so it is important to do your research and compare different options before booking. Here are a few of the most popular types of desert safari packages:

  • Budget-friendly desert safaris: These packages typically include dune bashing, camel rides, and dinner. They are a good option for travelers on a tight budget.
  • Luxury desert safaris: These packages offer a more upscale experience, with amenities such as private transportation, VIP seating, and gourmet meals.
  • Overnight desert safaris: These packages allow you to experience the desert at night with activities such as stargazing and camping.
  • Family-friendly desert safaris: These packages are designed specifically for families, with activities that are suitable for all ages.

Dubai ATV Riding – A Thrilling Experience

Dubai offers thrilling ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) adventures in its desert terrain, but safety is paramount, especially for newcomers.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable ATV experience in Dubai, follow this vital advice:

Opt for a Reputable Tour Operator

Choose well-established tour companies that prioritize safety. They provide well-maintained ATVs, safety equipment, and experienced guides.


Newcomers should undergo a thorough orientation and training session before starting the ride. This includes familiarizing yourself with the controls, safety measures, and riding techniques.

Wear Safety Gear

Always put on the provided safety gear, including helmets and goggles, to shield yourself from sand and debris.

Follow Your Guide

During the adventure, stick to the guidance of your experienced guide. They are familiar with the terrain and will ensure you navigate safe paths.

Stick to Designated Areas

Avoid straying too far from the group or designated riding zones. Dubai's desert can be extensive and challenging for beginners to navigate.

Observe Speed Limits

Adhere to the speed limits set by your guide to prevent accidents and maintain a controlled experience.

Stay Hydrated

Given the desert's hot climate, make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the ride.

Know Your Limits

If you are a beginner, communicate your skill level and comfort level to your guide. They can adjust the ride to accommodate your needs.

Desert BBQ Dubai: A Gastronomic Delight

The meal starts with a variety of appetizers like hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, and fatayer. Fresh pita bread and olives are typically served with these dishes.

For the main course, guests can expect to feast on a variety of grilled meats, including lamb kebabs, chicken shish taouk, and beef kofta. You'll enjoy a well-rounded meal with dishes that include rice, roasted veggies, and salads. Vegetarians can relish vegetable skewers, grilled halloumi cheese, and salads, ensuring a satisfying meal for all preferences. Complementing the main courses are fragrant rice, couscous, and grilled vegetables, enhancing the overall dining experience.

No dessert BBQ is complete without a selection of desserts. Popular choices include Baklava, Kunafa, and Umm Ali. These sweets are typically made with honey, nuts, and dried fruits.

In addition to traditional Arabic cuisine, many desert safari tours also offer international dishes, such as pasta, pizza, and burgers. This ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Non-alcoholic choices such as traditional mint tea, fresh juices, and refreshing mocktails are commonly offered to accompany the meal.

Desert Dune Buggy Dubai—Riding the Sands

Dune buggy riding and ATV riding are both popular off-road activities, but they offer different experiences.

Dune buggies are open-top vehicles with four wheels and a powerful engine. They are specifically designed for riding on dunes, and they can reach high speeds and perform impressive stunts. Dune buggies are also more stable than ATVs, making them a good choice for beginners and families.

ATVs, also known as quad bikes, are three-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles that are similar to motorcycles. They are more versatile than dune buggies and can be ridden on a variety of terrain, including sand, dirt, and rocks. ATVs are also more affordable than dune buggies.

Feature Dune buggy riding ATV riding
Terrain Dunes Sand, dirt, and rocks
Vehicle Open-top, four-wheeled Three-wheeled or
Speed Fast Fast to moderate
Stability Stable Less stable
Difficulty Beginner-friendly More challenging

Which activity is right for you?

If you are looking for a thrilling off-road adventure that is specifically designed for dunes, then dune buggy riding is the way to go. If you are looking for a more versatile and affordable off-road activity, then ATV riding is a better choice.

Ensuring Safety During Desert Adventures

Choosing the right tour operator

  • Book your desert safari with a reputable tour operator that has a good safety record.
  • Ask about the tour operator's safety procedures and equipment.
  • Make sure the tour operator is licensed and insured.

Preparing for the trip

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. The desert can be hot and dusty, so it is important to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and closed-toe shoes.
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Drink plenty of water, especially if you are going to be participating in strenuous activities such as dune bashing.
  • Let your tour operator know if you have any health conditions or allergies.

Safety guidelines during the safari

  • Follow the instructions of your tour guide.
  • Wear a helmet and safety gear when participating in activities such as dune bashing and quad biking.
  • Stay hydrated and take breaks when needed.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for other vehicles and obstacles.

Best Time to Experience the Desert Safari

The best time of year to experience a desert safari in Dubai is during the winter months, from November to March. During this time, the weather is mild and pleasant, with average temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. This makes it ideal for spending time outdoors and participating in desert activities such as dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel riding.


The Dubai desert can be extremely hot in the summer months, with temperatures often exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. This can make it uncomfortable and even dangerous to spend time outdoors. In the winter, the weather is much cooler and more pleasant, making it ideal for desert activities.


The Dubai desert is a popular tourist destination, and it can get quite crowded during the peak season, which is from December to February. If you are looking for a more relaxed experience, it is best to visit during the shoulder season, which is from November to March.


Desert safari prices are typically lower during the off-season, which is from April to October. If you are on a budget, it is best to visit during this time.

Role of Tour Operators in Enhancing the Experience

Select the best routes and locations

Professional tour operators have extensive knowledge of the Dubai desert and know the best places to go for dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and other activities. They also know how to avoid dangerous areas and obstacles.

Use well-maintained vehicles and equipment

Professional tour operators use well-maintained vehicles and equipment that are specifically designed for desert driving. They also have a team of experienced mechanics who regularly inspect and maintain their vehicles.

Provide experienced tour guides

Professional tour guides have a deep knowledge of the Dubai desert and its culture. They are also trained in safety procedures and can respond to any emergencies that may arise.

Offer a variety of activities and packages

Professional tour operators offer a variety of activities and packages to suit different interests and budgets. This allows guests to customize their desert safari experience to meet their individual needs.

A Dubai desert safari is a must-do experience for any visitor to the city. It is a great way to experience the Arabian culture and the unique desert landscape. With a variety of package options to choose from, there is a desert safari to suit everyone's interests and budget.